S.M. Carrière, Author

Skylark book cover
Two scenes, split by a sabre: One of an alien ship, the other of a man in a grey space armour. Text reads: S.M. Carrière, Skylark

After being a fan of her previous works, I was delighted to have author S.M. Carrière come aboard as a client. She requested “a brutal edit” (her words) of her military science fiction, Skylark. I completed a stylistic edit and formatted the manuscript according to a common submission template.

Update: Skylark was picked up by Renaissance and will be published soon! See S.M. Carrière’s website for details and links to her other great books.

(My favourite before Skylark was Human, which opened my eyes to what a sexy vampire is truly like. Sky Road Walker is also riveting fantasy, and part of the proceeds of the novel go to charity!)